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11-26-2006, 11:08 PM

Well, as far as a life story goes... My mom was a total piece of crap - selfish and certainly didn`t care about me. She was one of those women who dates a bunch of guys, milks them for everything they`re worth, and then dumps them. She was NEVER at home, and wouldn`t *let* me go to school as she "wanted to go out that day" and needed me to watch my brother and sister. It was an almost everyday event. Life really REALLY sucked.

I took a short summer Japanese course at a local university (with money from my grandparents, while secretly staying in a friend`s dorm room for the length of the course - my mother would NEVER have paid for anything for me.) when I was 15 and I found it really easy. I also got along really well with the teachers and exchange students who would volunteer for the class. I`m a fairly shy and polite person, so I guess I just "fit in". That pretty much started my dream to go to Japan - It seemed like somewhere that I could be me and find happiness.

When I was 16 I graduated from high school (I took HS classes from 6th grade and did summer school in HS for two years) - and got a job. I explained the home situation to my boss and they would give me a second fake pay slip each month so that my mother would only be able to demand all of that money. (Like half?) I secretly saved the rest.

I had originally planned to stay with a friend in Osaka, but his mother became seriously ill and we had to cancel it... Another friend I had made online offered to ask their mother (In Aichi) if she would be willing to put someone up for a few months - she agreed and I jumped on the chance. I turned in the life insurance policy on me, combined the money with what I`d saved, and bought a ticket just before I turned 17. At the time it was like $1800... I saved up all the money I made in the 3 months before I left, and had around $600. $500 to pay for room and board, and $100 to spend. That was it. I stayed in Japan for 3 months the first time, went home for a few months and repeated (Although the second time I stayed with friends I made the first trip...) and, well, before I knew it, here I am. :P

I`ve been pretty broad with the descriptions, so if there are any details you want to know ask away.
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