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11-27-2006, 12:20 AM

Originally Posted by Okimoto_Tatsuki View Post
oooh I wanna go back to japan. I had to leave Okinawa at young age because of some similar problem, and come to 16 now XD

That is an interesting life story you have. and to pull it off at 17?

Do you mind me asking,

+how much japanese do you know? (fluent in speaking writing or just a lil?)
+do you use english most/less of the time?
+did you need to get citizenship for staying 3 months or for good?
+English teacher jobs suck in my opinion XD

+how is you life now? ^^

To answer your questions:

- I am totally fluent, although my handwriting skills could use a little polishing. --; I`m good enough that no one can tell over the phone or intercom.
- I never use English, unless I am online or talking with someone else whose first language is English/can speak better English than Japanese... Which is around once every 3 months. Our home life is 100% in Japanese.
- Japanese citizenship is not an easy thing to get, I`m still in the paperwork stage. If you`re from one of the participating countries, you don`t even need a visa for a 3 month stay.
- I am not and have absolutely no plans to become an English teacher. (Although I did work part time as one for a bit to save money for our move. NEVER AGAIN!!!) If you actually want to learn Japanese and have a life... Do not, I repeat, DO NOT be an English teacher in Japan. You will be speaking simple English 99% of the day, and end up hanging out with other teachers all the time - you`d do better to stay at home and study alone. Plus it seems like most of the people who do come to Japan to be teachers hate Japan and just want to make a bunch of money to take home. Seriously, they all seem to bash Japan left and right.

- My life now is quite wonderful. We own a home with a YARD (A big thing in Japan), have lots of cool stuff, and I`m really truly happy.
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