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Originally Posted by Monster View Post
Any of you guys into Cowboy Bebop or Outlaw Star? For me, those are "must watch" for any anime fan.
yes! Cowboy Bebop - a VERY innovative Anime, film and atleast two manga mini serie ^^;

Project bag has a good section dedicated to the bebop greatness --> HERE <--
they do a better break-dpown of this amazing series than i ever could

i liked Outlaw star too, but didnt see enough to really get in to it.. XD

my other main Fave and a must see (altho a *little* girly) is Escaflowne - the series - definatly a must see befor the movie - theres two manga too, but are horribly hard to get hold of here in the uk :'(

will post some pics once i find some of the excellent stills that would do the series justice ^^;
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