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01-02-2014, 10:57 AM

Originally Posted by callcenter View Post
I'm not a part of this forum before, I'm just here to clean up the mess and maintain the forum as it is recovering.

But as a forumer, I'm honestly very emotional reading the posts here during the days when the bots are spamming seeing how the regular forumers here get disappointed by the lack of action to counter those spams. It's like getting your home destroyed knowing you can't do anything but watch. Sad.

This page has been already re-indexed by google and is almost on the top spot of japan forum search so I guess it's never too late for us to build this community again.
I am glad that there is an attempt at bringing the forum back to life, so I do thank you for your work in helping to clean up the mess. I've noticed that there is still a lot of spam in the forums though, even though it's not showing up on the front page anymore, so I wondered if that would be deleted soon too? Just to make the forums easier to scroll through and navigate really.
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