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Post Japanese Tattooing material - 07-13-2014, 06:49 PM

Hi everyone from sunny greece.

I need your japanese knowledge and light.

I've been searching for information around the japanese tattoo (irezumi) and more specificly for the traditional japanese tattooing method tebori (手彫り).

Tebori - BME Encyclopedia
Irezumi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I am searching for educational material , sketchbooks, tutorials, guides, documentaries, books, portfolios, .... anything japanese
I've done a lot of research in english but the fundamentals are better before beeing traslated, and some thing are never translated.

since i can't read japanese, and since the greek-japanese community is almost non existant, i need someone who can browse japanese sites (torrents e.t.c.) and send me any links with things i can download for both irezumi and tebori. As described. (always in the japanese language, in english i can do it on my own)

i am already greatful for any answers. i love japanese art, and I NEED to learn more stuff.

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