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I watched it back in 2001 or 2002 it was a while ago. The character Zeman was an undefeated swordsman who had a large broad sword which he fought using it and its scabbard. I forget how Lupay runs across Zeman but he has a skill named _____ finger which allows him to catch a sword with his fingers. He ends up fighting an old swordsman at some temple where he defeated him and was taught his demon fang sword style. Some where along the story some new enemy comes along that makes Zeman postpone his retirement and join forces with Lupay. The 2nd season or continuation of the story Zeman is finally retiring but Lupay still wanted his match against him. Lupay goes to the party drunk and hits on his wife making Zeman challenge him. The date is set and the both begin to train. Lupay somehow ends up in the underworld fighting these strange masked figures.... And that is all I can remember. I wish I remembered more but it was a while ago and I only seen it once. Never thought I would forget the title of the show lol
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