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05-29-2007, 04:51 AM

Ohhhh and on top of tht, um...
about how much money do you think I should save befor going to Japan?

ive already thought everything out so if i missed some major points, cud u tell me?:

ok.. ive started to save money from special occasions.. ive done pen pals just incase i need help with going ther and needs to find a temporary home until i can live by myself.. im currently studying japanese though i need a bit of a kiddish explaination since im SOOO young.. younger than you would think because of how i talk in the Death Note thread... XD im starting at a young age to give me a lot of time to prepare myself and about 2-3 years after college to organize my plans... ive thought of some back-up jobs i could do seriously after earning enough money from minor jobs i could take wen im just a beginner in japan.. and... thts wer it all ends XD

i heard from my former neighbor tht she went to japan and got bullied several times... is spmething like this really true? she is an old woman.. but she got beaten up.. u can actually see her scars.. v_v im afraid of tht.. and i heard a horrible rumor tht women would b safer if she dresses as a guy at night....

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