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06-17-2007, 04:31 AM

I was a walk in and she was very nice and i liked her artbook. Shes been tattooing in japan and then traveled to Miami to pick up new techniques. Its hard to catch her on a non busy day.

In my family all the males get tattoos at 18+. Well all the ones in the states do, my family in vietnam do not get tattoos.

My father likes mine and was there for the wings. He actually came for a few of the design sessions. He said the arc angel wings were too girly so i we came up with a Asian Style wing thats very rare in paintings. That show long asian dragons with wings, which is very rare to see. I like the design alot so we went with it.

My parents always want me at home but like my father said, you put any person in our family any where in the country and we'll succeed. So he belives ill make it any where.

I wasnt even a legal citizen in America til 10 yrs old, and i came over at 1.

My mom even likes my tattoos and she doesnt mind as long as it is not past the elbows or can be seen wearing a dress shirt.

She has her lipstick and eyebrows tattooed on as well well as my grandma.
My sister has a tattoo of love on her hip in chinese.
my father has a dragon fighting a tiger on his left and a giant skull breathing smoke on his right. which orginally was a dragon but due to a motorcycle accident it was totally ruined and this was the only way to salvage it due to the intense scarring dark colors had to be used.

What are your plans for your tattoo?
id like to see some sketches or somthing
any thing with that much time put into must be great!

MR.JF & Jf God
heres a personal Ty to all who voted and participated
please check out the videos and subscribe!

feel free to pm/aim/msn me for any Q's on Japan
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