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06-17-2007, 02:44 PM

Originally Posted by MariYa View Post
Good luck in earning your masters. Do you have to speak Japanese well in order to go to Temple college? I was looking at that college couple of months ago for psychology major. My family is oldfashioned and they dont want me to get a tattoo. I respect their opinion , but I still want a tattoo. Not to upset them, I will get a small one but with a meaning on the back of my neck so my hair can cover it if I go somewhere to a formal dinner with my family. Or I might get it on my lower left stomach. I'm going to Japan August 2008, so may be I'll get a tattoo there. For now Ihave to figure out my design. The thing is if it is not in my parents' taste it is wrong to them, but I still love them. I understand them cause most of their life they lived among old culture ( from another country) and it is sometimes hard to start thinking differently from what they used to and from how THEY grew up.
You do not need to know any japanese to go to Temple Japan.
They teach all of their courses in English, its just a sister branch of Temple.

Yea i understand if your from a different country then they are strict about certain things. The thing is my Father is not the average Vietnamese man.

He was labeled a traitor to his country and a rebel for not fighting in a war he did not believe in, also the same war which took most of his family including my grandfather.

He was always the type that would break the boundaries of what would be deemed normal in vietnamese culture.
During my entire life, he never put any rules or boundaries on me. I could do what ever i want, w/o consequences.

But he would lecture me in his philosophies in life and spend a lot of time with me being my friend and a great father figure. At the same time he came to America not knowing any English working multiple jobs just to support my poor family who lived in a trailer park in Pa.

So it was never in my nature to disappoint my parents and just finding the right thing to do my self. And what ever i did, i knew they supported me.

The tattoo was a lil big in his opinion but the meaning behind it justified it.

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