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Budget travel in Japan - 06-20-2007, 07:17 PM

With my girlfriend we are getting ready to travel to Japan for one month. We are coming from Slovenia (EU), but we are not really a rich country (former Yugoslavian republic), so i want to make an """investigation""" about expenses if we travel on a low budget (i dont want to sell a car when we come back )...

Has someone travel there with Japan Rail Pass and sleep in a hotels/whatever that are as cheap as possible but still not like 50 km from city centers? Can you please tell me how many yens/euros/dollars you spent for living? (we wont be staying on one place for more then 2 days, probably moving around all the time, so any advice how to find cheap sleeping place fast is more then welcome)

The second question is a little bit exotic; is it possible to "survive" in Japan without eating meat, eggs or fish?

Thank you for response...

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