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やすみです / やすみます - 01-07-2017, 12:42 PM

Hello there!

I was wondering about the difference between やすみです and やすみます.

The following sentence is from the book みんなの日本語:

"しゅうまつは テレサちゃんの 学校と サントスさんの かいしゃは やすみです."

^why is it not .....やすみます?

I understand that やすみ can be either a noun or a verb, but I'm not sure about the difference of their use. Here are my attempts (Can you please tell me if they're correct or not?)

- ちちは にちようび やすみます.
- きょう だいがっくは やすみます. (this one should be やすみです maybe?)

I had left Japanese for too long and I'm sooo sorry for myself. So I'm still a beginner and, よろしく おにがいします again!


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