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01-08-2017, 01:32 AM

"やすみです:YASUMI-DESU" indicates the status of the subject.
"会社はやすみです:KAISYA WA YASUMI-DESU"; The company is "OFF".

"やすみます:YASUMI-MASU" indicates the action of the subject.
"(私は)明日やすみます:(WATASHI WA)ASHITA YASUMI-MASU"; I will be absent from work tomorrow.

When you say "KAISYA WA YASUMI-MASU", it sounds strange like "the company will be absent from work".

>ちちは にちようび やすみます.

Good, meaning "My father takes off-day on Sunday".

>きょう だいがっくは やすみます.

きょう、だいがく は やすみます。

Strange. it should be "KYOU, DAIGAKU WA YASUMI-DESU.;The Univ. has no class today."

Do these help?

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