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Am i just a friend? - 01-08-2017, 08:43 PM

Hello everyone!

I have a small question. I am from london and I met this japanese guy online and he is really nice. When we started writing he was in london for a language course so we met twice (for afternoon tea and cinema). He was very sweet and friendly but very very shy.
It wasn't dates we had (at least he didnt say so) but payed for me for all what we did.
After he went back to japan we continued writing and he told me about how he disliked his work and so on.
One time he wrote: "Communicating with you gets me to feel relief and your messages always help me."

Also i am visiting japan soon and when i asked him if he had ever seen a musical he said no and then shall we go?
And he told me he wanted to pay for me as well.
Apparently taking me out for some japanese sweets.

Are these dates? I completely don't get it because when i joked and said you could be my bf he said: i am not suitable for you because of my english and so on and that he's just too shy????

Does he like me or not because i will probably not get an answer and he shouldn't pay for me all the time if I'm not even his girlfriend.
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