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Japanese winter food loved by foreign sheffes - 01-09-2017, 08:56 AM

In a Japanese new year TV show, foreign chefs living in Japan voted for "Japanese winter foods to stay existing". The result is here (sorry for bad translation).

1. MOCHI mashed rice cake
2. BURI-DAIKON white radish & yellowtail
3. ODEN boiled everything
4. ANKOU-NABE angler hot pot
5, KANI clabs
6. AMA-ZAKE sweet sake
7. KAZUNOKO herring roe
8. UNI sea urchin
9. HAKUSAI chinese cabbage
10. FUGU-SASHI raw boxfish
11. YU-DOUFU boiled TOFU
14. ISE-EBI spiny lobster
15. MOTSU-NABE MOTSU(internal organs) hot pot
16. HOSHI-IMO steamed and dried sweet potato
17. DATE-MAKI egg with mashed fish
18. NABE-YAKI-UDON boiled UDON in hot pot
19. KABU_NO_SENMAI-DUKE pickled turnip
20. KIRITANPO-NABE baked rice cake
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