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Help with a line of dialogue - 04-18-2017, 07:29 AM


I don't speak Japanese, but I have recently started watching Anime.

I recently saw a trailer that didn't have any English subtitles so I created a sub file with intention of sending it to the uploader.

People in the comments helpfully provided translations but I'm stuck on one line of dialogue

あたしが許せねえのはな、そういう訳の分かんねえ理由 で他人にヤッパを向けるやつだよ。

I am hoping it will be simple for someone who speaks English and Japanese to say "Ah! She's saying x"

Commenters gave this translation:

I just can't forgive people who turn to others for reasons they don't understand.
Does she mean she can't forgive people who turn to others with problems they don't understand?
Google Translate (sorry) gave this translation:

I can not forgive you, it 's the one who turns the trumpet to another person for reason not to understand such translation.

After a couple of hours I broke it down into:

そういう such (Sōiu)
訳 reason (wake)
の of (no)
分かんねえ not understanding (wakan'nē)
理由 reason (riyū)
で (de)
他人 strangers (tannin)
に into (ni)
ヤッパ "I knew it!" (yappa)

向ける face/turn towards
やつだ stranger (possibly of illegitimate birth) (yatsuda)

The lack of spaces to indicate individual words made it time consuming to break down. But I still fail to get the gist of this line now that I have broken it down.

I hope it's not to difficult! Thank you very much!


You can find my sub file (.srt) and the trailer (.mp4) below, you will need to download both and play them in VLC or something that supports subtitles.

When the subs are finished I will merge the sub file into the trailer file to create one file.

Sub file here:

Trailer file here:

It was on YouTube but Sony doesn't want the publicity apparently - they have pulled the trailer?? zen zen wakara nai as they say... Well I guess they'll be a choice of seats at the cinema, ne?
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