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05-02-2017, 03:29 PM

After ten months of gap, I decided to continue this thread.

I started learning English at age of twelve in school. At age 15, I was surprised at a English phrase "(to) live a life".

I'm not sure if western people understand what I found then, the first thing I was shocked was the aggressive stance against the life. I think most of Japanese people would rather think of life as "to be allowed to live". This concept would be based on Buddhism and leads Japanese people to accept HARAKIRI or KAMIKAZE kind of things.

The second thing I was surprised at was grammatical subject that "live" is the transitive verb.

Japanese language also has transitive verb but Japanese people do not concern about it so often.

When a Japanese learns English, it is important to understand the use of transitive verbs. It means that it would important for foreign people to understand it (what is it?) when foreign people learn Japanese.

Language makes Culture and Culture makes Language.

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