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Trouble understanding the meaning of a phrase - 05-06-2017, 07:25 PM

So the thing is that I'm trying to translate a book in order to learn Japanese, so my knowledge is pretty limited.

I ran into the phrase :
閉鎖を尊ぶ幻想郷においで、他への関心を捨てて自己研 さへの道を歩む仙人が、あろうことか外来人と手を組ん だ動

I think I was able to understand the latter part, but I'm at a loss on how to interpret "閉鎖を尊ぶ幻想郷においで".

You will probably need the context :
-幻想郷(Gensokyo) is the name of the "world" the story takes place.
-Kasen Ibara is the hermit talked about. She kinda have to live isolated is this world (this is where I think 閉鎖 could take the meaning of "secluded")
-You should not transfer objects or people between our world an this one
-The 外来人 (outsider) is someone who came to Gensokyo (from our world)

So I don't know if 閉鎖を尊ぶ幻想郷においで should mean something like "to respect the closure of Gensokyo(the fact that nothing should go trough)" or "to stay(おいで) isolated in Gensokyo".

So I came up with this translation, but I have the feeling that I'm completely wrong :
"To respect the closure of Gensokyo and forget his interests in others to devote themselves to self-study is the path of the hermit, but the evidence is irrefutable that she was together with the outsider."
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