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Showing Approval of Someone's Answer to a Question - 05-14-2017, 12:54 AM

Context: A teacher is quizzing a student. What sorts of words or phrases might they use to show their approval of an answer?

Example #1
Teacher: Do you understand?
Student: I understand.
Teacher: Good. <-- (What might this be in Japanese?)

Example #2
Teacher: Please pronounce the word "wakarimasu"
Student: (says the word)
Teacher: Good. <-- (What might this be in Japanese?)

Specifically, I'm wondering if all or just a few of the below words would work or if any of them would not make sense for the situation.

よかった - yokatta
いい - ii
上出来 - jyou deki
良くやった - yoku yatta
良くできました - yoku dekimashita
良くやったね - yoku yattane

Thanks so much!
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