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Originally Posted by RadioKid View Post

Do you wonder why your input is "こんいちは" instead of "こんにちわ" ?

Simple instruction:

Type "nn" instead "n" to input Japanese "ん".

Detailed explanation:

"n" will be converted as "ん" when followed by consonant because it should make "なにぬねの" when followed by vowels.

Therefore, you should make it your rule to type "nn" to input "ん".
Thank you for your feedback. I can't help but wonder though, it seems like you are annoyed? I hope my mistake wasn't offensive in any way... and another thing, does this mean I was correct in the rest of my sentences? I have had so many people put me down in studying Japanese in the past so I have given up many times... and now I decided to restart and do it seriously, so I apologize for this mistake and will definitely pay attention.
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