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piece of art from tokyo flea martket - 07-27-2017, 02:59 AM

Hi there,

I visited Tokyo in early July and been to the Tokyo flea market. My two kids and husband don't share my passion for flea markets so I was very quick and just on my way out spotted something really interesting under one of the tables. I usually fell in love with things once I see them and that was it. Love at first sight. Unfortunately, the seller did not speak a word of English. He did manage to let me know that the item is not for sale, so dragged by my husband I left the market. Stupidly I didn't try to communicate to find out why it's not for sale, or what exactly it is, etc. And I did not take a picture.

I can't stop thinking about it and I did wonder if any of you will be able to identify and point me into the right direction. Internet search did not reveal anything just yet.

It was a decorative object, wooden, flat, round, possibly to hang on the wall. Diameter of about 40cm. The back was plain and it had a hook attached that did not look original to the item. The front was painted in black shiny lacquer on which a type of mandala was painted on, in number of varied bright colours. Would that mean anything to anyone? Or was it a unique kind of object that I have now lost forever? HELP!
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