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09-05-2017, 01:50 PM

"に:NI" usually means direction to go, to give, to aim, to agree or else.

But in your case, it is totally different from that one.

Actually, your "NI" works like as "と:TO;and" which is use to list the things paralelly.

Then, why "NI" is used instead of "TO" ?

In the case "NI" is used to list the things, these list is not make a sentence.

To use the list in the sentence, you need to use "TO" to list the things.

These ind of "NI" is seen only in poems or lyrics (I think).

I also checked the Japanese dictionaries but I could not find exact explanation. The most nearest one is that "NI" could be used like as "with" like as in "鬼に金棒:ONI NI KANA-BOU;monster with metal pole = the stronger one getting weapon". It is not what I want to show you.

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