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Sou ka - Is it considered rough male speech? - 11-05-2017, 10:47 PM

Is sou ka considered to be rough, male speech?

For example:
そう。   Sou. - I see. (casual)
そうですか。Sou desu ka. - I see. (polite)
そうか。  Sou ka. - I see. (casual? rough male speech?)

そう?    Sou? - Is that so? (casual)
そうですか? Sou desu ka? - Is that so? (polite)
そうか?   Sou ka? - Is that so? (casual? rough male speech?)

I ask because I've learned that using か to ask a question without です is typically considered blunt/rough male speech.

Also, what about "sou da"?
For example:
そう。   Sou. - So it is. (casual)
そうです。 Sou desu. - So it is (polite)
そうだ。  Sou da.   - So it is (casual? rough male speech?)


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