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Need help with a sentence なきゃ/も/んど - 12-02-2017, 01:42 PM


could you please help me understand the following sentence from the grammatical point of view?

こんなに急ぎでなきゃ 家の 手入れも しといたんだけんど。

My translation is: If I wasn't this busy I would have taken care of the house

1. What is なきゃ? So far I have learnt this form in "someone MUST do something", e.g. 明日しけんがあるから、勉強しなきゃいけないよ。 (I have to study because I have a test tomorrow). What does なきゃ mean in this example?

2. 家の 手入れも - "taking care of the house". Why is も here?

3. しといたんだけんど - shouldn't it be していた? Why しと? Also, what is the んど at the end?

Thank you so much in advance for helping me
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