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02-10-2018, 09:22 AM

>"Happy Valentines Day for tomorrow! I'd like to do three love songs..."

"HAPPY VALENTINE !". "SAISHO NI (in the begining,) love song WO (indicating objective), SAN-KYOKU (three love songs) UTAI-MASU (we are going to sing)"

>"First a Beatles' song. It was written by George Harrison. But I'm doing Paul McCartney's ukulele-version. It's called Something."

BEATLES SONG NO (of) IKKYU-ME(the first) WA (is) George Harrison GA KAITA (written) MONO (staff) DESU-GA (but) Paul McCartney NO (of) UKULELE version DE (by) UTAI-MASU (we are going to sing).

>"Next, two love-songs by John Denver..."

TUGI NI (Next), John Denver NO (of) KYOKU WO (tunes) NI-KYOKU (two dongs) UTAI-MASU (we are going to sing).

>"Hello, again. Now another Beatles' song. One of my favourites..."

DOUMO ARIGATO (as i don't understand the situation why you say "hello again", i translated as "thank you"), TUGI WA (Next,) WATASHI (I) NO (do) OKINI-IRI (love) KYOKU (song) DESU.

>"And finally, a couple of Bob Dylan songs..."

SAIGO NI (At the end) Bob Dylan NO (of) KYOKU WO (tunes) NI-KYOKU (two songs)

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