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Baseball related TV shows - 04-19-2018, 11:56 AM

"SUZUKI, ICHIRO" seldom attends at the variety TV show. Here is rare exception : "KUWAZU-GIRAI-OU-KETTEI-SEN" brordcated in the new year of 1999. This title is wierred. Don't ask me about it.

This show is a kind of game by two guests: baseball player "SUZUKI, ICHIRO" and actress "HIROSUE, RYOKO". They will have four dishes for each. They both love three of the dishes very much but hate the one rest. They both shall pretend to love all four dishes and guess which one another guest hates.

ICHRO's dishes:
Curry rice
NEGIMA:Green Onion and Tuna
Beef with prum and Perilla
Spicy Cod Roe

HIROSUE's dishes:
Crab and TOFU
Salted Squid Gut

These dishes are shown the first 1 minutes. After that, they have funny talk in Japanese and the game starts at 15:00. Can you guess the answers?

The MC of the show is the comedian combi "TON'NERUZU" one of which is "ISHIBASHI, TAKAAKI" once featured in Hollywood movie "Major League 2".

Don't you saticefied too old TV show? OK, here is another TV show featuring "OHTANI, SHOHEI" with two comedians.

This movie shows how OHTANI achieved his target of life in the MANDARA squares.

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