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04-20-2018, 05:43 AM

Let me explain about OHTANI's MANDARA made during his high school days.

At the center of the squares, he wrote the his target situation as "The first place draft vote by eight teams". And then he placed eight sub-target arund the target.

As the result, he did not achieve the target because he declared the will to go major league before the draft meeting and only one team voted his as the first draft.

The eight sub-targets are, (sorry for bad English)

1) building up the body
2) good control (of the ball)
3) "KIRE: good rotation of the ball"
4) 160km/h
5) ball of change
6) luckiness
7) Human nature
8) Mental strongness

For each of these eight sub-targets, he also placed eight means or rules to get each sub-target aound the sub-target.
For example, he placd eight rules to get the "160km/h".

4-1) round on the axis
4-2) strong under legs
4-3) increase body weight
4-4) mussules around showlder
4-5) increase the pitching(maybe pitching count)
4-6) light "playing catch"
4-7) Range of motion
4-8) Strong trunk

For the luckiness,

6-1) greetings
6-2) pick up dusts
6-3) clean up the room
6-4) respect to umpire
6-5) read books
6-6) to be a person tobe supported
6-7) Positive thinking
6-8) treat the tools gently

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