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12-20-2018, 11:01 AM

Garrys Mod - The game has so many servers, you will never run out of things to do.
Terraria - Me and my friends needed a cheap but fun game to play so we decided to get this.
Arma 3 - I really like the realism and all the different vehicles you can use, its really fun and immersive.
Squad - Again, I like the realism and its really satisfying to get a kill, mostly a walking simulator though if your squad lead doesn’t know what he is doing and doesn’t place down rally points, forcing you to spawn at a FOB or even worse, the main base. Not worth the $40 imo due to lack of content, w8 till it goes on sale.
Insurgency - Really nice FPS, satisfying to get kills.
Killing Floor 2 - Nice zombie survival FPS, mostly play it to kill time.
Black Desert Online - Korean MMORPG. I have been looking for a good MMORPG, and this is one that seems like it. Full of content, you can do almost everything, it is really fun and more fun with a friend.
Skyrim - Still playing this legend of a game, waiting for TES 6 tho
PUBG - I hate/love this game. Its so much fun but it can get really enraging at times. Like when you are riding a motorcycle and you hit a bump and you whole bike flips over as you’re going really fast and you die. Also one time I accidentally flipped my bike upside down, so naturally I decide to unflip it. And then it lands on my head and I die and fly across the map because for some reason a bike can do that until I hit the ground.
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