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12-27-2018, 01:03 PM

Different from western list of probiotic foods, Japanese list of probiotic foods often includes "NUKA-DUKE".

NUKA-DUKE means "soaked in NUKA". NUKA-DUKE is often translated as "Japanese pickles". Pickles soaked in salt or vineger may be called as picles but NUKA-DUKE is different from such simple pickles.

NUKA-DOKO is the base or bed (DOKO/TOKO means "bed") to make the NUKA-DUKE. There are huge amount of bacteria in NUKA-DOKO and it need fine maintenunse to keep the bacteria alive and well. Once the skill to keep NUKA-DOKO is must item for every house wives. These days, it is very rare to find the house wives who can keep NUKA-DOKO. I have no NUKA-DOKO in my house.

Then what is NUKA(rice bran)?

How it works

How Japanese use it?

How to make NUKA-DOKO from 1.5kg of NUKA, 1.2 litter of water and 150g of salt.

When soaked in NUKA-DOKO, tofu can make very good TSUKE-MONO (Soaked stuff).

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