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01-10-2019, 03:13 PM

I was on Testosterone Replacement Therapy ("TRT") for about 12 years. I just stopped it after having had a recent prostate cancer scare. (The biopsy was negative, fortunately, but I don't want to play with fire.) A classic case of hypogonadism, the doctor tested me for male hormones (via a blood test called a male hormone panel) and found them deficient. He explained that insurance companies hate to pay for TRT because it's expensive and theoretically will be required forever. In my case, there was ample justification and so I was put on TRT.

Testosterone is one of the things that energizes males. With too little, one can seem tired and listless to some degree. I am a very active person so that state of affairs is not natural to me. Nevertheless, my father had prostate cancer so when the urologist noticed a spike in my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) he called for a biopsy. I decided that regardless of the outcome, my days of TRT were over. Testosterone is one of the chief causes of prostate cancer and I know I'm pre-disposed to that. Regardless of my energy level, I definitely prefer being on the green side of the grass.
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