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04-05-2020, 11:45 AM

Some people start "tele-working" (remote work), but I'm still commuting by train with mask (washable-reusable). Most people wear masks (over 80%) in the train. Also I wash my hands every one hour in office and just after returning home.

At weekend, I will not go out except for buying something by car. I prevent meeting people as less as I can.

Though taking such care for my health, I had got sick last week. I had cough and my body temperature was 37.1 degree Celcius at max for one day. I was absent from office for three days and come back on Friday.

When I got 37.1 degree, I called government health support. They asked me of the temperature, feeling of fatigue and abnormal sense of taste. As I have not latter two matters, they did not guide me to the Corona testing.

Now I'm happy and feel healthy. But I'm not sure I'm completely recovered because my body temperature is still slightly more than usual one.

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