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07-01-2007, 10:36 PM

yay, malice mizer.. i have them playing right now.. as for me well i was on myspace.. going through persons page after page.. and all of a sudden BAM!! i find the band AILE.. liked the song i heard, i forget it now, been over a year since i last heard it.. but as with her, i am infactuated with the european influences in some of the bands, and the representation.. im a fan of the older classical european style.. and just having it relived in a modern point of view just totally exhilirates me
although moi dix mois was what tore open my vk virginity and made sure that i enjoyed every minute of it

sorry for the analogy :-)

there is one true love in my life.. and sadly it will be fate that will have to hold us together
the light will continue to shine for all..
Fratello, may the angels bless you on the way throughout eternity
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