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07-06-2007, 03:49 PM

Originally Posted by ViolentAJ View Post
Yeah, you here it all. To the mexican guy, Japanese girls like latrinos now have heard. As for Blacks, it depends on what you want. if you're going for girls, you're screwed. Japanese girls like all races but Blacks.
Ummm... Did you mean to say "latrinos"? I really hope that was just a typo.

Anyway... on the original topic. As far as I can tell, my friends who are black have not experienced treatment much different from me (white), except that the children want to touch their hair a bit more than mine. (but then again, this is only the experiences of 2 people.)

If you want to hear some rather extreme experiences of a black man in Japan, I'd recommend

True confessions of a small town blonde beauty, sent deep into the heart of Japan to school wild children. Witness her lonely descent into MADNESS and DESPAIR!
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