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07-23-2007, 06:44 AM

Originally Posted by MMM View Post
There was a great VK band in the late 1980s called "Bisexual". They were a little drowned out by "X" (now called "X-Japan") but I really liked their balls to be a heavy metal band, all male, but sing using lyrics that would normally be sung by a woman. ("Atashi" instead of "Watashi" or "Boku" or "Ore" as all other male singers would say "I" or "me"). If you like X-Japan, and are interested in some of the VK classics, Bisexual is one to try and hunt down.
I actually just heard of them a few minutes ago via a website. I'm interested in hearing them, do you have any of their music you can put up in the request thread? Although, I saw their names spelled BY-SEXUAL

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