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08-06-2007, 06:58 PM

Places to visit.

man i've written this so many times.. where to start...

Okay MY favorite places to go =)

I live in Takanawa so im pretty close to every thing.

Roppongi -
Things to see

Roppongi hills- great mall, cinema, Lego Park, awsome food, some times shows and concerts in the area with the water fountain.

Tokyo Midtown- brand new, jus made a few months ago.
abstract art playground and sculptures
a beautiful pond with fish and a wonderful place to go at night i STRONGLY recommend.
and very high end restaurants
just nice place to walk around.

Tokyo Tower

Roppongi Crossing- you'll see the famous almonds there across from a softbank place where you can pick up prepaid phones.
Down the Strip theres a bunch of Clubs, You'll see a Kareoki place with a giant robot on top.
On the side of TGIFridays you walk towards the crossing and you'll find a place called sheesha bar its on the 7th floor of the building you'll see signs for it.

Thats my hang out, i know all the people who work there and im usualy in vip every night chilling.
Cocacabanna is on the 3rd floor and i usualy salsa dance there when im bored.

Lots of cool clubs to go to,
The new LEX "use to be lexington"
Gaspanic *there is 2 of them*

all these places are pretty much on the same side and trip as gaspanic.

From the almonds go right, then go across the street once more.

man i love this place

Shopping is awsome
there is a store called 109, ladies will love this place, its essentially 7 stores full of girls clothing, makeup, and accessories.
girls paradise
there is also a smaller place called 109 Men.

Angel Heart, my friend Enzo Valentino is a silver jewelry crafter there, makes the most unique jewelry you'll ever see.

Zen Mall, awsome punk rocker clothing for guys. my personal favorite store.

you'll find alot of top fashion things there.

You'll want to take a picture with the famous Hachiko statue.
its a statue of a dog in front of the Train station, you cant miss it, its a popular meet up spot.

its a story of a lost dog, and theres another statue of a girl i think who is lookin for hachiko but shes in another station.

Top Nation and Armory is 2 breakdance stores, *i always go there since i dance*.

You'll find lots of arcades, the one near Angel Heart is 50 Yen games which i <3.
like 5 floors of pure arcades.

walk around plenty of shopping to do here.

Okay so when you go here your expecting to see cosplayers, lolitas, crazy fashion and all this jazz you see on tv and through pictures.

note the weather, if its crappy, they are not gona come out.

and they usualy come out to dress up on weekends.

especially if theres a festival or event going on, b/c they like to show off.

if its too hot or humid or raining or TOO cold dont expect to see many.

Theres Harajuku street which is right across from the train station.
Tons of crazy lolita clothing, jrock styles, punk, rockers, etc etc.
Craziest and amazing styles you'll never find in the States or any where else.

more accessories then you can handle. the girls and guys who dress up and be found here also.

At yoyogi/harajuku station you'll see the Yoyogi shrine, very beautiful. check it out
dont fork over the 500 yen to see the iris garden, its not worth it.

keep an eye out for festivals and stuff, check online of what festivals are goin on the month you are there.
i went to jamaca festival in harajuku, it was awsome!

Omotosando- jus a 5 min walk from harajuku
BEST and most elite fashion, and biggest brand names.

like soho in japan.

hiro has some nice parks, and Tokyo Ice bar is worth mentioning, its a bar completely made of ice. seats, tables, cups, every thing.

Shinjuku- okay at first i didnt like this place
but now i Love it.
ehh.. lots of porn but just ignore that.
TOOOOOOOOOOOOONS of arcades, i think i counted like 10 walking around for like 30 mins.
Alot of tempura places, and lil shops you can check out.
bowling alley, kareoki, cinema.

just a lot of fun and also at the Yasoda building at the west gate of the trainstation you'll find break dancers and hip hopers that dance in front of the buliding from 7 to midnight.

just wanted to mention all of japans top dancers around tokyo go to Mizo station to breakdance from 8pm to 5 AM

im there at least once or twice a week

Akihabara- Maid cafe!!!!
haha okay ive been to the one in Don quiote ill admit.

im not brave enough to go to the more raunchy ones.

lots of gadgets, toys, electronics, video games, arcades, and weapon shops to pick up just random crazy stuff.

i dont like akihabara too much. like a big tourist trap, but it does have some cool stuff.

i thought they had the best arcades ever... but no SHINJUKU WINS hands down for the most arcades in a single area.

also 50 yen games in shinjuku, you cant beat that with a stick.

Kasuga- Tokyo Dome
awsome amusement park, with lots of fun rides, and haunted houses, a marvel comic themed place, some arcades, and lots of good food and cool shops.
worth checking out.

Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi and im sure other places all have a store called Don Quiote
thats the song haha
any ways
there usualy 7 floors or so filled with the most random crap you'll ever see.

You can buy groceries, bikes, games, makeup, clothing, pillows, sex toys, porno, shoes, jewelry, cigars, light bulbs, pots and pans, electronics and ALLLLL sorts of crazy stuff here.

its a big mix mash full of random crap.

worth goin into and checking out.

its about 4am right now so ill update his more later.

but thats a quick summary off the top of my head of my favorite spots in Tokyo.

I think ill add a little guide how to use Trains and subways later.

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