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08-07-2007, 09:13 PM


I grew up in the age of arcades, and i feel like today in the US arcades are dieing out.

heres some tips and etiquette for enjoying your self in a kick ass Japanese arcade.

1. The coin spot or coin que rule does not apply in Japanese arcades.

A coin spot/que is when you place a coin on the rim of the arcade to say that you have the next turn after that person has died.

Most arcades that are fighters are 2 separate machines, back to back.
So if you place the coin on one side and the other side loses, you cant run over and take the seat.

This also applies to mmorpg machines *yes they have them* and also card games.

You simply have to wait behind that person in a line until they are finished.

2. Dont hover over people. Its soo frigen annoying, and esp if your smoking or eating. This is more common sense but when im at the arcade i have tourists hovering over me and taking picture all the time.

3.Brings me to my next point. No pictures in arcades. I've been able to sneak a few, but you will be asked to put your camera away if you are caught.

4. Drinking and smoking is okay at the machines, but remember not to spill and remember to get a ashtray from the front desk.

Some places will have the ashtrays already on each machine.

But do NOT eat at the machines.

almost every arcade i went to had a ice cream machine at it. You are not allowed to eat at the machines.

5. okay common sense one... dont kick, hit, or yell while playing.
i see a lot of people when they are waiting for next lvl, just rotate the joystick in circles and mash all the buttons. this wears them down. Players hate when people do that.

esp if its a new machine or a popular game

6. If its a one machine fighting game or co op game that has 2 joysticks next to each other, ALWAYS ask if its okay for you to join in.

In Japan most popular fighting games will have 2 separate machines, but in nice arcades there will be one machine with 2 joysticks for practicing moves and playing against the computer.

You must always ask the player if its okay for you to sit next to them and join in. Most likely they are playing at that machine b/c they want to practice combos.

Or they are doing a speed run. Example, tryin to nail speed runs of Super Mario bros, or high score attack in Metal slug.

7. heres a personal tip from Housetek
avoid standing next to the Porno and Hentai arcades... it just destroys the innocence of arcades to me.

also if i see you there, i will make fun of you...

Unfortunately at my favorite arcade in Shibuya, they place the porno games right next to one of my all time favorite game *bubble bobble*

i always find tourists hovering over to that section and giggling for a good 10 mins and tryin to sneak pictures of the Hentai games.

8. I play a game called quest of D. its a Mmorpg style game that you buy a 500Yen character card and insert it to the machine.

You also get a mini starter deck of playing cards which you also insert into the machine.

The cards are power ups, moves, items, skills and all sorts of things.

Every time you play and end a session, you receive a new card from the machine to add to your collection.

there are many games like this. such as the gundam, soccer, dynasty warriors and the Create a Pop Idol game.

If you get a card you do not want, its customary to put it on the top railing of the machine. This means that your giving the card away and any one can come take it.

If you see a person playing and they leave cards at the machine and its on the railing or on the machine where you can see the entire face of the card this means they do not want it and its free.

You may take the card if and ONLY if your the next person to play the machine.

Do not take it while they are playing, and do not rush in to take them if your not the next person inline to play the machine.

I like to wait around the machines when people are done cuz i always snag a bunch of free power up cards.

9. how to use ID Cards and Deck Cards.

1. Id cards are plastic and look like Credit cards with the game name on it.
These save your character profile and your stats on what ever game you are playing.
Pretty self explanatory, just remember to take the card back when your done.
They have these for mmorpgs and strat games, as well as fighters and shooters.

2. ID Customization booths
games like Tekken 5 and Virtual Fighter 5 gives you points in the amount of games you win and play.

You can go to these booths and insert 100 yen and your card to customize your characters.

Here you may spend your hard earned points and add items to your character.

Like new clothes, gear, accessories, glowing effects and colors.

i think you get a minute or 2 for 100 Yen.

3. Decks and Card games.
from what i've seen there are 2 types of machines that use cards.

Quest of D lets you stack all your cards into a deck, then you place ALL of your cards into the card slot. and close the shutter door, some how the machine reads every card you have and it shows up on the screen and you can pick and choose what you want to use.

i dunno how it works, im assuming its magic.

Fyi, any thing i cannot explain in japan is magic.

unless you can tell me how it works, but until then.... magic.

For strategy games, you have a few cards that you may use.

You place them on this flat surface in front of the screen. During game play you may move your card around to move that character on the screen.

ill give you a example

Dynasty warriors.

I have a Samurai Card, i place him on the board in front of me.
he will pop up on my screen.

if i physically move the card to the left, on the screen he will move to the left on the battle map.

if you swirl the card into a circle, he performs a special attack.

Each game has something unique and cool like this.

I have not tried the soccer game, or the Create a Japanese Idol game, or the Gundam game.

but from what i've seen people have like 4-5 cards on the table and they move the cards around to beat the computer or player across from them.

b4 you are done your game, remember to take all of your cards, and place any unwanted cards on the Top rail or some where it can be seen.

also wait for the machine to dispense your New Free card for playing.

If you see cards left at a machine in a deck or in a pile. dont take them.

when people are giving out cards, they will be displayed and set against something, not in a deck.

usually when a deck is left behind it means some one jus forgot it or went to buy a drink or get cigs.

10. Picture Booths *PuriKura*

1. No raunchy stuff, kids use these things =P

2. try to keep it under 5 people, these things are small

3. if a pic comes out crappy you can usually play around with it to make it look better.

example i had a pimple once and when editing i just changed the light and removed it during the editing lol.

4. take as much time as you want when your editing photos.
honestly you pay like 4 bucks for these stickers. you get like unlimited time almost when no one else is using the photo booth, but if some one uses it and your in editing it will give you a time limit. so use it up.

5. Some places have a rule, GIRLS ONLY or you may only enter if you are with a girl.

sorry guys

6. if your are splitting the price of Purikura then go to the scissors section and give that person 1/2 of the pictures, also select a print option that prints doubles of every picture. *common sense i know but i messed up a few times and printed one of each once, and they were really cool pictures we both wanted*

7. the more people you have in the picture booths, the less pictures you will take.

so if you have 4, your gona end up taking 4 pics and having 16 tiny stickers with quad sets.

8. kinda like the earlier rules b4, dont take pictures of people comming out of the picture booths.

my friend who visited me did this, and its not polite. and yes Alot of hot girls come out of these things, but doesnt give you the right to take pictures of them.

9. Heres a tip, Be ready.
once you select a camera mode, they give you literally like 3-5 seconds to pose.

10. you are given like 2 or so mess up shots. so out of like maybe 8 pics you can choose to pick just the best ones.

11. Common mistake, where you take the pictures is different from where you edit the pictures, its usually behind the machine.

Also there is usually 2 photo editing booths so more people can use the machine quicker. Make sure you go to the right one and dont play around with other peoples pics instead.

12. dont bother sticking your pics on random crap in Japan, it'll be taken down within a few hours.

13. Know if your in a arcade or a pachinko parlor.

heres a easy way to tell.

if you see a few pachinko games and few arcades, your in a mixed arcade.

if your walking down a isle and you see enough pachinko machines to give you a epileptic seizure then your in a pachinko parlor.

i personally dont get those machines, but a lot of people play them.
they are usually 18+ places.

14. NO smoking/eating/drinking at new machines.
you'll see signs for it, so this one is a no brainer.

thats all i can think of for now. its 6am and im tired time for bed



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