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09-14-2007, 07:34 PM

recommendations are:

pornograffiti: They're amazing, they've been around for ages and i still never get tired of it. They're very much pop-rock.

Remioromen: ballady soft rock with an amazing voice.

Joe Hisaishi: instrumental, music choreographer to most of the Ghibli films. Always always calms me. I know, its not particularly upbeat but Hisaishi-san probably one of my favourite [japanese] composers.

K- korean/Japanese singer, his voice never fails to haunt me and send chills up my spine. He;s not japanese but from the singles i have heard, they're japanese. I recommend his new song: birth of treasure.

Miyavi, Gazette, Vidoll, nightmare and Ancafe are obvious [really good] recommendations.

orange range are just catchy

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