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11-07-2007, 10:26 PM

Originally Posted by Gorotsuki View Post
Ive had dolphin once and it was good.

Anywho dolphins are swimming mammels worthy of being eaten. Gentle smart creatures...whatever. They kill just like all other animals including us. We just happen to do the most killing because we are at the top.

There was a pig that saved its owner by running outside when she had a heartattack and squeeling all around town to get someone to go back to the house with her. I am sure if there was nothing else to eat sally would be on the table and people would be having some pork roast.

We don't eat some animals supposedly because they are smart and cute. I find lambs and goats very cute and I also find them very yummy. Now I want some curry goat or lamb with rice.
They are good (yay! someone agrees with me )
I would proubably eat anything as long as its not mine lol, I won't eat my dog but I would eat someone elses dog lol!.

I would roast that pig up man thats why you buy a pig in the first place so you can eat it Lol.
Mutten is yummy (Mutten:is Lamb)

I'm not racist . . . I hate everyone equally.
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