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01-26-2007, 08:09 AM

Hi. My name is Kudou.
I will ban whomever i like. But i will always give reason, and before that warning. I will move whatever posts i deem necessary to move.
In fact, i can manage this forum in any way I see fit. BUT, I won't be immoral nor bias against anyone here.

Guess what? No one can force me to change that. In fact, even the other Mods here can't make me change anything. Why? Because we have this curcle of trust called respect (as corny as that sounded, it works). The ONLY person who can undermine OUR actions, is the head Admin.

Listen guys, I made this thread for a reason. To post your complaints. Simply that. Nothign else. In fact, the other mods aren't even supposed to reply with another msg. They're supposed to edit the complaint and add that action was taken.

I jus moved opver 50+ posts to the archives only visible by us mods. If anyone has a problem, msg me. ME. KUDOU. I will take it up with you. Hey, i'll give it all a chance.

Ground rules for this thread:
- Post your complaint, but do NOT insult the person in question.
- If you see a complaint against you and a mod has not talked to you yet, wait for them to. You'll ALWAYS get a chance to defend.
- Don't question our actions. We won't go outside our boundries of power. But i'll state this for the record, insult us on gibberish, and you WILL get banned. If you have a problem with a mod, talk it out with them. If not, talk to me and I'll play middle man.
- keep this thread CLEAN.

i think thats fairly simple enough. Its 3am now guys, i want to sleep. i don't have time for this. we're not gods. we'll make mistakes, thats why we give you that extra chance.

for the record, i moved everything almost from the thread from page 5 and on that wasn't a complaint. nothing personal, jus keeping it fair and clean. Questions? complaints? suggestions? PM me. Kudou.

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