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12-01-2007, 10:46 AM

Originally Posted by animelover32 View Post
I do have the answer for 'how come it's cold one day and hot another', it's Chicago.
It's the expression 'like helll' that makes it incoherent. If you say "It's cold like hell" what you're saying is that hell is a cold place, and then you use the very same expression to say the very opposite thing xD

Originally Posted by noodle
Originally Posted by animelover32
But anyways I've never seen this but I kind of agree with this and I agree when people say this is the hardest language to learn, there's so much slang here now a days, it has to take years to learn it.
anyway, i think english is REALLY REALLY REALLY easy... when i first went to england as a child... after 3 months i was translating for my mother.... 3 MONTHS!!! and english was the fourth language that i learnt, out of berber, arabic and french, i thought that when i got to english, it was a joke tbh... things like this article said just sink in after hearing it a couple of times on tv. lol
English is BY FAR the easiest language there is to learn. I was fluent enough to have a long conversation with a native by the time I hit 14 (but that's because for 8 years I took 12 weekly hours of English... yeah, I gave up my childhood for this; no playing in the park after school with the other kids, I was taking English lessons instead lol).

So yeah, that in the text is just a bit confussing at first but like Noodle said, it doesn't take much to get used to it after you see it a couple of time on TV, then it's settled in your head forever.

By that I didn't want to make English seem more difficult than it actually is, I just wanted to stress on how it can be ilogical sometimes.

everything is relative and contradictory ~
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