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12-01-2007, 11:26 AM

Originally Posted by simpsons1989 View Post
sometimes I either mispronounce words, or pronounce them differently, sort of in another dialect????
I forgot to quote that before and you are right. Pronunciation can become the bane of your existence during the first phase of the learning process xD

Who can explain why the I in 'since' sounds different from the one in 'bi', which is the same sound you find in 'bye' but there's no I there xD In English there're many letter combinations that have the same sound: week ~ weak, whine ~wine, knight ~night, wear ~where ~were, wait ~ weight, write ~ right, and so on.

Originally Posted by noodle
I wouldn't say its by far the easiest language in out there! And i wouldn't call any language out there easy, it all depends on your mother tongue...
Yeah of course it does, but I'd say English is the most grammatically simple language, you don't have conjugations of nouns and adjectives or feminine/masculine distinctions.

Originally Posted by noodle
as for english being illogical??????? i'd probably say its the most logical and direct language out there. I think thats one of the reasons why its the international language, it gets to the point easily and quickly! The rare times that its illogical is "rare"
I was referring to what the text says; noses that run and feet that smell, how logical is that? lol

But I agree about it being a direct language. In English you can say in 5 words what in any other language would take a whole paragraph xDDD

everything is relative and contradictory ~
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