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Cool JF's MTV - 02-01-2007, 03:44 PM

The general discussion forum is getting rather low petronage these days, so i fig that if i could liven it up abit, maybe there'll be more people? Ok, this thread is about music and PURELY music(note the emphasis). Anyway, you can discuss anything that is related to music in this thread, post up music/music videos that you like and want to share and make requests. Music here can be ranged from japanese pop to old school classical music ^_^ as long as it's not, i repeat, not indecent or indiscreet in any way(minor/slight/little vulgarities are allowed accoring to your own judgement). Any songs/mv containing vulgarities/certain finger gestures/nudity should be censored or 'cleaned' as best as possible. Since im quite a fan of punkrock, i'll start off with a few of my favourite music videos of sum 41(live becuase i prefer things that happen spontaneously, its mor genuine). I'll also be posting up j-pop when i get them. Obtw, before any admins move this thread, i just want to say that i deliberately put this in the general discussion section because it is general and does not entirely belong to the category of "Japanese Music". Oh yeah, people who feel like they're in need of new music can come in here and browse arnd, enjoyment and entertainment 100% guaranteed as the variety of music here is universal.

And my favourite song =D

Music plays a major role in our lives and in the world and no one can deny that.

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