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Originally Posted by filiadragongurl View Post
If you're talking about exchanging money, just change some traveler's checks when you first get in, and go to ATMs and withdraw from your home account after that. Credit cards aren't really used in Japan much, so I wouldn't recommend relying on one. By the way, when I went to Japan last year, I'd studied Japanese for approximately 3 years and was terrible at kanji (still am) but I got by changing money and everything. As long as you can ask someone what it says, you'll probably have no problems.

I don't know about Japanese series and films, but if you're talking about anime it's *CRAZY* expensive! Save it for buying in America! (I know, I was super surprised too.) Also, you'll find that American movies are pretty cheap in Japan and you can get them w/ dual audio and dual subtitle languages (Japanese and English). I bought a bunch of my favorite American movies in Japan to watch them in Japanese! (They did a really good job on Monsters Inc. by the way ^_^ )

Anyway, have an awesome time! I super miss Japan, so enjoy it while it lasts!
Yeah, Ive only took 2 years of japanese classes. But I'm terrible at kanji to.
Where can u buy does travelers checks? At the flightport?

Hehe, I meant anime, movies, dramas etc. But if I'm supposed to buy them in America... I have to order it. Since I'm from Sweden. :P.


Going to Japan in april!

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