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01-15-2008, 12:19 AM

Originally Posted by clairebear View Post
Dayuuumm Hyakushi
Calm down clairebear theres enough to go around hahahahaha

Originally Posted by Thunda
@Hyakushi: Damn you look like that guy in that movie!!!! informative!
Youre not smiling, so youre wearing underwear. XD
I was poseing for the camera! hahaha I thought I looked cool hahaha you should post a pic of him I want to see what kind of movie stare I look like.
I was thinking of flashing the camera but I didn't want my inbox to overload like it is right now!!!! (one pic and my inbox is just . . . wow you ladys are a peice of work you know that )

Originally Posted by Suki
Woah Hya, I'd so give your 6-pack a good reason to be there >.<'
Yea I feel so proud right now

P.S.:TO ALL THE LADIES, I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND but thanks for the offers now stop sending dirty messages you girls are just too tempting

I'm not racist . . . I hate everyone equally.