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01-16-2008, 08:25 AM

Originally Posted by graciegirl View Post
eek! i have a friend! hey housetek where are you in tokyo? wanna be a pen pal!? i loove the use of pink in your outfit! (fangirl squeal is heard echoing off walls!) yeah i know, i'm kind of weird. maybe we can share fashion ideas for each other's 'fits!have you tried bondage pants instead of jeans with the shirt? maybe instead of the hat you could spike your hair preppy mohawk style and put bright pink at the tips! ja ne! P.S congrats on the promo at work!

I use to be in Takanawa, pretty much right in the center of Tokyo or about 10 mins away from every thing.

Im working in the united states right now as head of marketing for K&T =)

mmm i dont have bondage pants...
i use to have long spikey blond hair with black stripes but i had to get rid of it for business =P

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