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Originally Posted by Suki View Post
But how am I gonna get to know a person if I don't understand a word of what they're saying?!

Hi Suki. I mean you 'd better let them (I mean the people who live their own country) know that you r interedted in them and their coutry. It's nice to feel , isn't it? What do you feel , if the japanese girl guide book handed just try to ask you the way to the station in poor Spanish? I don't think you just dump her saying " Che cazzo ne so! (hahaha this is bad italian, means "who knows!" but bad way. dont use for the acquaintence. usually girls dont use cazzo word! hahaha

Nope, Spanish do two kisses, one on each cheek; I think it's French people who do three? Okay, so I'll give it a go: Ciao. Sono Suki *kisses cheek lol*Como ti chiami? Sei una studentessa e sono di 'Spain' [err Spagne...?]. Se ti va, prendiamo una birra insieme?

It is say "Come ti chiami?" and you wanted to say I'm a student. right? In this case "Sono una studentessa, e sono di Spagna. Spanish is Spagnolo! nyolo nyolo lol.
Birra! your sentence is alright! brava!

How do you say "I'm sorry, I have a boyfriend" ? I've been told that Italian guys don't hesitate to hit on foreign girls x)

You say" Mi dispiace, ho un ragazzo." But italian boys dont care that. Just say" But he is not here, right? Let's go having beer." Somehow they r logic! very honest cute animal! I dont mean to offend anyone.

Yeah, that's right. It's 'como te llamas', not come, that means eat xD! And mi is a possesive adjective [mi coche = my car] and me is a neuter pronoun which is often mistaken for the subject of the sentence.

Como yea como... It sounds very much spanish. I still remember my spanish teacher pronaunced "J" like gargling.

Italian lesson 2

verb "essere" = be
It changes the form for 6 ways depends on the subject(like spanish, french)

present (io=I) sono
(tu=you) sei
(lui=he/lei=she/ it)è
(noi=we) siamo
(voi=you) siete
(loro=they) sono[/color][/color]

now you invited your new friend to having beer.... mmmm what do you do.

"Che birra ti piace? A me piace assoltamente birra giapponese Asahi super dry!
è amaro ma corposo e profuma benissimo. "

"What beer do you like? I like absolutely japanese beer Asahi super dry! It is bitter but tough(I cant translate good) and smells very good"

I'm sorry was it too long?
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