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Originally Posted by xYinniex View Post
I understand some of it.
I used to study it
But it's gone now.
But italian accents are SOO hard.
I can read it and understand it (in general) but thats about it.

Here goes:
Mi chiamo Yinnie
Ho 17 anni.
Mi piace Tiramisu e JROCK.


Le Tiramisu, por favore
Quanto costa?

HAH! i suck at this.
This is shameful. XDD
Thats about the top of my head.
Ciao. Yinnie! I'm Tomoko and i'm 36 years old. wow more than twice of your age.... shock.... ショック。。。。
anyway how do you pronaunce your name?
Then you mean italian "R" is difficult for english speaking people, isnt' it?
Cos their R is very R, but there r some italian who cant do italian R!
I think italian is very melodius, not like japanese. japanese sounds like a typewriter. ooo I'm a japanese though...
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