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01-24-2008, 04:42 PM

Originally Posted by koaku View Post
hey! you speak italian Oral Girl??
No, I don't but somehow I understood what it meant x) and stop calling me that ¬¬'

Originally Posted by Cyclamen
Sono italiano anche io. Mi sono laureato in lingua giapponese all'università, ho vissuto a Tokyo e mi è piaciuto tantissimo!
I am Italian too. My son Lauro... wait, I don't think that's what it means x) I graduated in Japanese language at university, I live in Tokyo and I love it so much! (couldn't figure out what piaciuto means, sorry)

Originally Posted by gattaccia
I mean you 'd better let them (I mean the people who live their own country) know that you r interedted in them and their coutry. It's nice to feel , isn't it? What do you feel , if the japanese girl guide book handed just try to ask you the way to the station in poor Spanish?
Well, I would just ask her to use English instead x) See? I can't help it... shame on me

Originally Posted by gattaccia
Birra! your sentence is alright! brava!
Omg I got the last bit right!! O.O *throws party* =P

Originally Posted by gattaccia
You say" Mi dispiace, ho un ragazzo." But italian boys dont care that. Just say" But he is not here, right? Let's go having beer." Somehow they r logic! very honest cute animal! I dont mean to offend anyone.
I thought 'boy' was bambino? lol Animals...? *scared* rrrrright... so you're basically saying that it is almost impossible to go to Italy and not end up lost somewhere in company of a male x) That's very wise of them...

Originally Posted by gattaccia
present (io=I) sono
(tu=you) sei
(lui=he/lei=she/ it)è
(noi=we) siamo
(voi=you) siete
(loro=they) sono
Thank you! >.< I sono drinking birra, tu sei drinking birra, lui è drinking birra, lei è drinking birra, noi siamo drinking birra, voi siete drinking birra, loro sono drinking birra Easy!

By the way: siete = seven (Spanish) and loro = parrot xDDDDDD!

Originally Posted by gattaccia
"Che birra ti piace? A me piace assoltamente birra giapponese Asahi super dry!
è amaro ma corposo e profuma benissimo. "
Io piace (Mmmh, that must be 2nd person singular) Corona mas (but?) io come (like?) cocktails overall

everything is relative and contradictory ~
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