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01-27-2008, 03:19 PM

Originally Posted by gattaccia
The verb is "piacere" and past tense is "piaciuto (if the subject is masculine gendar)and piaciuta(if the subject is feminin gendar.)". Mi è piaciuto is "(Japan) is liked by me." if transrate literally.I think in Spanish , you say "me gusta birra" no? This is like this. Present tense is " Mi piace".
For example, Mi piace vino rosso. ( I like red wine.)
Ahhh right. I thought it meant "feel like": I feel like read wine Okay, so like = piacere. Got it ^.^'

So if it's 1st person singular: Mi piace vino rosso. 3rd person singular masc: Le piaciuto vino rosso. And if it's feminine: Le piaciuta vino rosso... ?

Originally Posted by gattaccia
hahaha then un bambino means baby, un ragazzo is a boy. But if you find some safe male friend, other italian boys won't to try to talk to you.
What? =/ If I meet a "safe" guy the rest won't try to talk to me? By safe you mean, not willing to get in my pants? x)

Bambino --> baby (boy)

Bambina --> baby (girl)

Ragazza --> girl

Ragazzo --> boy

Is that correct?

Originally Posted by gattaccia
there is another verb to make "~doing" sentence. Is "stare".
stare + other verb changed form. Like bere(=drink) = bevendo, mangiare(=eat)=mangiando etc...

present (1st person) sto
(2nd person) stai
(3rd person) sta
(plural 1p) stiamo
(plural 2p) state
(plural 3p) stanno

so I'm drinking beer. is "Sto bevendo una birra". I'm writing a message to Suki." Sto scrivendo un messaggio a Suki"
Oh damn, it's getting complicated now... Let's see: Sto mangiando una pizza, (lui) sta bevendo vino rosso, (noi) stiamo ballando un tango lol

Originally Posted by gattaccia
btw what's your name? If I can ask
Umm I can't tell >.<' But I go by Suki all the same

Originally Posted by gattaccia
This is your homework!

make 3 sentences using verb "stare".
Oi I got homework!! Hahahahahahaah aight, but I just made three sentences with the verb stare, want three more? As you wish Ms. Gattaccia,

- Sto giocando 'cards' con 'my' ragazzo-friend xDDDDDDD!

- Stanno cantando una canzone

- Tu stai facciando 'me' arrabbiato

lol I tried my best...

everything is relative and contradictory ~
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