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10-31-2006, 06:30 PM

1. Final Fantasy 4
2. Sukidon 2
3. Dragon Quest 8 this one for some reason took me back and it felt like the Dragon quest games of old 7 was kind of borring.
4. Final Fanstasy 7
5. Sukidon 5
6. Sukidon 1
7. final Fanstasy 1 had to start some where lol
8. Dragon Quest 1 see above
9. all the CastleVainia stuff from SotN to Curse of darkness I really like what they did to this series makeing it a RPG/Action advature game wither it be 3d or side scroller like on the GBA.
10. All the Megaman X games

Sukidon 3 was ok 4 should have never been made.
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