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02-13-2007, 03:11 AM

Originally Posted by Hoolan View Post
Cool thats a bit stupid tho putting alchohol vending machines on the street how do they stop kids buying it?
Well, the vending machines are usually in relatively non-residential parts of town, out in the open where everyone can see you buying it, or in areas where you wouldn't really expect to find kids hanging out.

They are trying to develop and install cigarrette vending machines, and I assume beer machines, that will recognize a smart card ID. What's a smart card? It is a card with a computer chip embedded that contains all the info. This way you have to scan your ID to buy the cigarettes from a vending machine. Cigarette vending machines are far more prevalent than booze vendors.

But all this being said, Japanese in general are more law abiding and respectful than just about any other population I have experienced.
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